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Serving Southern California Since 1981

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That's almost 3 years of music..... without playing a song twice!




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Good to know - Anniversary Info.

Traditional Anniversary Gift List

Anniv. Gift Anniv. Gift
1st Paper 13th Lace
2nd Cotton 14th Ivory
3rd Leather 15th Crystal
4th Fruit, flowers 20th China
5th Wood 25th Silver
6th Sugar 30th Pearl
7th Copper, wool 35th Coral
8th Bronze, pottery 40th Ruby
9th Pottery, willow 45th Sapphire
10th Tin 50th Gold
11th Steel 55th Emerald
12th Silk, linen 60th Diamond


Modern Wedding Anniversary Gift List

Anniv. Gift Anniv. Gift
1st Gold jewelry 15th Ruby
2nd Garnet 16th Peridot
3rd Pearls 17th Watch
4th Blue topaz 18th Cat's-eye
5th Sapphire 19th Aquamarine
6th Amethyst 20th Emerald
7th Onyx 25th Silver jubilee
8th Tourmaline 30th Pearl jubilee
9th Lapis 35th Emerald
10th Diamond jewelry 40th Ruby
11th Turquoise 45th Sapphire
12th Jade 50th Golden jubilee
13th Citrine 60th Diamond jubilee
14th Opal    




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