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Wedding Photos in our Italian Wedding Book.  The heart of the book will be based on the art and skill of our photographers combined with excitement and emotion of your day, enhanced and personalized for you utilizing a sophisticated print technology and graphic design.  We transform the traditional Wedding Album into an elegant keepsake. 

We have had the honor of presenting hundreds of brides with an alternative to traditional albums and they are overjoyed not only by how we transform images into a storybook, but also offer so many different book sizes.  A treasured memory, kept in a special place, brought out for years to come for the memory of the start of a new life together. D.J. Brother's is proud to present our Italian Wedding Book....  a timeless storybook of the couple's perfect day.

After a rocking photo session or wedding, there is no better way to preserve your images than with the Italian Wedding Book.  Our handcrafted books are made of the of the most exquisite Italian products with an endless selection of customizable options.  Including covers like the Laser Etched Stainless Steel, Acrylic Diamond, Italian Printed Silk and a variety of finest Italian Leathers.  The cover itself will be an extraordinary custom piece of artwork.  Our Wedding Book designers will layer the images into a masterful design that tells the story of your event.  The presentation of your images is sensational as each print is created by a digital offset print into a seamless hard board linen page that lays completely flat to allow for corner to corner landscape images.  Combining the uniqueness of the handmade binding, the most advanced digital technologies and the creativity of our professional designers; your book will be an absolutely stunning tribute to your and your special day.

Small copies. Share your emotions with your loved ones

Sharing the most treasured moments with your loved ones is an intense and universal desire, especially when this unrepeatable combination of emotions and art constitutes the visual story of the wedding. The parent and pocket books have been specifically created to fulfill this desire. Their measurements, perfectly proportional to those of the main books, are designed to allow the printing of exact copies, a real miniature masterpiece.


The Parent Books

This is the ideal gift for the parents or the closest relatives, and is available in the 8x12 inch, 6x8 inch or 4x5 inch sizes, in any orientation, from one to four copies depending on the size selected. The binding is exactly the same as the main book, and the selection of papers they can be printed on is wide and depends on the size chosen: from the textured or smooth paper, from the pearl to the photographic and on to the metallic. The 8x12 inch option can be customized with any cover available in our catalogue, while the 6x8 inch and 4x5 inch can be produced with either the dust cover jackets or the printed hard back. Each option makes the parent book a precious and authentic combination of the Wedding Book


The Pocket Books

You will never part company with them. The opportunity to bring an exact copy of the wedding book with you in the purse or in the jacket is simply too tempting. Not to mention these pocket books offer the chance to present friends with an unmatchable memento to thank them for attending your wedding. Pocket books are available in three different sizes, each with its own specific quantity: 9 4x5 in copies, 15 2.4x3.5 inch copies or 30 1.5x2.4 inch copies in vertical, square or landscape orientation.
They are printed on smooth paper, with perfect binding and soft cover.



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