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Serving Southern California Since 1981

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Most brides stress over the details and worry that they will forget something important.  A Bride has enough on her mind the day of the Wedding, a "Day Of" Coordinator helps make the Perfect Day, perfect!

The primary duty of the Coordinator is to be a liaison between the bride, groom and the many vendors providing services for the wedding.  At the same time, the "Day Of" Coordinator is a personal assistant.  We are there to attend to both details and needs.  Our expertise and helpfulness as a Coordinator will surely enhance your experience.

Day Of Coordinator Duties:

· Preview wedding and reception site

· Provide a "Bag of Goodies" Emergency Kit; we're sure to be ready for any situation.

· Organize and instruct processional line-up and space wedding party on aisle accordingly.

· We will instruct ushers on greeting guests and escorting procedures.

· Distribute and pin-on flowers to all wedding party and extended family.

· Hold marriage license/ketubah, ring box and miscellaneous items for wedding couple and bridal party.

· Gather up all items, flowers, pew bows, and other decorations used in the ceremony, assist in packing items for assigned person who will be delivering to desired location.

· Make sure set-up/décor for ceremony and reception is according to bride’s specifications the day of the wedding.

· Assist with guest management, providing direction to guest regarding reserved, assigned and open seating.

· Verify that all favors, centerpieces, and place cards receive proper placement and that all candles are lit, etc.

· Serve as the point person for every vendor.

· Direct the events or the reception from Grand Entry to Cake Cutting.

· Confirm or set-up of the Guest book, gift table, cake table, and small rental equipment.

· Monitor guest book and gift table until guest book attendant arrives.

· Supervision of reception events, such as showing couples how to cut the cake, throw the garter/bouquet and ease couple into dancing so that each event flows smoothly. The coordinator will adhere to the schedule as time permits and alert couple of upcoming events so that the couple may relax and enjoy the wedding.

· Confirm who will be the responsible person for getting gifts from reception to final destination.

· We will be happy to accommodate you with any other tasks requested.

Bronze Pricing -Day of event - starting at  $750.00
 Includes the wedding rehearsal and day of the wedding.   We will coordinate with all the vendors to make sure they are there are on time and everything runs smoothly.  We will create a wedding timeline to make sure everything you want to happen will happen!
 Silver Pricing –Month before Event - Starting at $995.00
The month prior to your wedding, We will assist with any final details. Collect all vendor information, create timelines, assist with any last minute details.  Give Bride a week by week to-do list to avoid last minute rushing around! As well as all Day of Event duties.

Gold Pricing -Total Event Planning $1500.00 to $4000.00
From start to finish we will be available for question, advice, guidance of all vendors and design of the wedding. Our position begins the start of the signing of the contract to the end of the reception.  We will be available via phone, E mail and in person. We will coordinate with all vendors to fulfill their contractual obligation and work very hard to have your Wedding and Reception go off with little to no stress.  As well as all Day of Event duties.

Pricing variables may include planning time available, size of guest list, size of Bridal Party and location(s).






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